Our concern about nature and the environment we live, act and work in, is incorporated in our business model and core values.

Our collections are made with consideration and care, for the environment, fellow human beings and animals. We wish to work with a conscious mind, responsibility and a transparent production.

We care about how and where we produce and aim to produce within the European Union. By using manufacturing within the European Union, we have some certainty, that the factories are following EU legislation regarding minimum wage, working conditions and a high level of quality control and chemical restrictions. The choice of using contries “closer to home” will also reduce transport and limit the amount of CO2 emmissions.

We work hard to improve our production process and minimizing our environmental impact, wheather it is about reducing/eliminating chemistry in the production chain, or minimizing energy consumption and CO2 emission. Sustainable fashion is a constant process and commitment to always try an do better.

It is crucial for us, that our products contributes to a higher quality and sustainable standard in our industry and in this way, is a small step towards a better world.

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